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Sponsoring children's education in Masaka, Uganda
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Chan Neill


UK Residents -
Have you had an accident ?
or a personal injury?

Now there is a way to made a claim and at the same time benefit Love in Action!


Love in Action is always glad to have people dream up ideas of how to help us. Here’s one!

Chan Neill Solicitors offer a range of services, including personal injury claims which can be on a no-win, no-fee basis. Chan Neill are a London firm of solicitors with a strong ethical ethos. They are able to visit you locally to discuss the service you require. As part of their growing charitable support they will donate 10% of their fees-charged and received at the successful conclusion of your case - to Love in Action upon your request. This is at no cost to you – you receive 100% of your settlement. So…if YOU WIN, WE WIN

If you, or your friends find yourselves in need of a solicitor, please remember us, and Chan Neill who have pledged to help us in this way.
Chan Neill's Web site is

The Maths
On a claim that has a settlement figure (sum received by claimant) of £2500, the fees received by the Solicitors would be £1,500. Upon the claimant’s request 10% - i.e. £150, will be given to Love in Action, which will be at no cost to the claimant.

The Motives
Out of problems, practical solutions and a practical gift. Building a business with a heart, in an often heartless business. Recognising that others suffer injustice too, and trying to help to put that right. By partnering together each benefits the other.

The Means
£150, as described above, in Uganda would provide a wage for a mid-level worker for several months. Or LOADS of text books or paint for a school, or lunch for some school kids, or medical treatment for children, or transport money for the Social Worker, or School Shoes for 50 kids or uniforms or………

The Mission.
Love in Action aims to help vulnerable children, young people, and families in Uganda.
Food helps someone live for today. Education helps them to live for tomorrow, The Good News of Jesus’ Love gives them the opportunity to live with Him eternally.

The Motivation.
To love our neighbour as ourselves.

Contact Andy Neill, 107 Charterhouse Street London EC1M 6AW Tel +44(0)20 7253 7781

Please mention Love in Action when you ring.

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