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Christ's Embassy, Kasaka

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Christ's Embassy School, Kasaka

Christ's Embassy School, Kasaka

A Love in Action School

This school was set up in 2004 by Isaac Lukato. The school is in a very poor village about 15 miles from Masaka, on the road to the Sesse Isles Ferry. In September 2006, following a visit by a School Inspector, the Directors of Love in Action and Isaac met and decided that the best way forward was for Love in Action to assume full responsibility for the development and running of the school.

What did this mean for Love in Action?

  • Employing teachers to teach. In 2010 we have 10 classes Primary 1a,1b, 2, 3a & 3b, 4, 5 , 6 and 7. The cost of these teachers will be a total of £500 per month. One of these teachers is the head teacher, we also employ a trainee teacher, a matron, a caretaker and a night guard.
  • Supply housing for the teachers, by Febuary 2009 12 units were completed.
  • Building classrooms, we currently have 10 completed, we now only need to build a library and staff room
  • The school is managed by the Directors of Love in Action and also has a School Management Committee chaired by Love in Action Directors it comprises Local Leaders, Parents, Teachers and a Pupil.
  • Providing food for the children each day together with the school supplies.

In April 2009 the school was registered with the Ugandan Ministry of Education and granted a Registration Certificate, we are registered as an examination centre so that our pupils can sit their Primary Leaving Examinations at our school from 2011.

We have around 300 pupils attending the school, ranging in age from 4 to 22.

The school is financed by well-wishers sponsoring children and teachers. At the present time very few of the children’s parents are able to pay the school fees even though they are very low.

So we are asking you to please pray about this school, and to help publicise this project wherever you can. Thanks.

Where is Christ's Embassy School?

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