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The 31st May 2011 was an exciting day for Kasaka. The school hall was transformed int a Dental Surgery for the day. A team of dentists from the UK and Uganda came in a visit arranged by Christian Relief Uganda, Dental Missions. (

We started by asking how many children had toothache and were surprised when 62 children complained and together with 8 members of staff. Each one was checked and 41 were suitable for immediate treatment. But wait we did not have parental permission to remove the teeth! So our Primary 7 class were pressed into action to write out letters to parents which the children were then given and told to run to their homes to get permission. About 14 children lived 1 - 2 hours walk from the school so Noah loaded them into the car with Regina and they dashed off letters in hand, returning with a pile of permission slips. One parent wrote " My child has been crying very often with tooth pain. If there is any help please remove the tooth." Others just said "Thank you for caring for our children".

During the day 38 teeth were extracted from children as being too decayed to be saved, 3 small holes were filled, 3 children referred to the local hospital for more extensive treatment. On Friday we have to bring 7 children into Masaka, to another clinic being run by the same team for a 2nd extraction or additional work.

At the end of the day everyone was exausted but very happy as they gathered at Alan & Beryl's home for a well deserved meal. The team even found time have a quick look at our teenagers teeth and refered 7 of them to the clinic on Friday.

A big thank you to Barbara Koffman and her team for all their help today.

The hall is prepared.

The team arrived at Kasaka

Triage - checking what needs to be done

Ready for action!

Children waiting for treatment

In the chair!

One of team, Lydia, quickly learns how to help  the dentist!


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