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Sponsoring children's education in Masaka, Uganda
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For Children

Christmas 2016 T Shirt

Christmas 2016 T Shirt

This Christmas buy a T Shirt for your sponsored child and 2 other children! Lets spread the joy this year and give a gift to every child in Love in Action.
The children Love these.

£ 10.00 Add
Casual Clothes

Casual Clothes

some clothes for evenings

£ 10.00 Add
Well Done!

Well Done!

Has your sponsored child done well this term?
Buy them a small gift to encourage them.
Leave a note to say what you would like us to get or we will choose something appropriate

£ 5.00 Add
Sleep Well Pack

Sleep Well Pack

Buy a mattress, sheets, blanket & mosquito net for a needy child

£ 35.00 Add


Buy one of our Piglets to be given to a Child's family.

This will help the whole family with income from more piglets or a source of meat.

(We may substitute the pig with chickens or a goat depending on the families ability to care for the livestock)

Thank you

£ 30.00 Add
Food Pack

Food Pack

Send your child one of our food packs, these include a selection of the following basics:-
Cooking oil

£ 15.00 Add


A dictionary for reading

£ 7.50 Add
Washing Pack

Washing Pack

Here is a pack to help with washing - people and clothes, we will include:-
Washing Soap

£ 20.00 Add
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