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Latest news

Christmas 2011

Christmas in Uganda is not quite the same as Christmas in the UK! It is not cold, so our Christmas Party was held outside on our lawn. However children and young people all enjoy a good party and good food! We played some party games (Musical Chairs and Musical Islands were very competative and revealed a different side of one staff member in particular!) ate a lot of food, danced and passed out presents.
Everyone said they really enjoyed the evening.

November 2011
Refurbishment of former 'Chicken House' at Hallelujah House.

We were bought Hallelujah House earlier this year it came with a half finished unit whch everyone dubbed the 'Chicken House'. This month we have started to refurbish this building to provide some more housing units and a meeting / dining room. The doors and windows that we found at the Mukono Project when we were given that land have been transported to Masaka and are being installed together with dividing walls, plaster and electrics. The cost of the works is about £3000 which has been donated by Legal Costs Negotiators via Chann Neill. Thank you.

July 2011

Kasaka Primary School Clinic

At the end of July we are pleased to be able to welcome a group of volunteers from Pendana, a UK charity who work with African charities to provide healthcare where it is most needed.
They have provided the funds to build a health clinic which will be ready for painting and finishing when they arrive. They then plan to employ a nurse, through Love in Action, to work full time at the school. She will look after the children's healthcare and also provide a basic first aid service for local people.

Dateline 6th July 2011
KAsaka Clinic
This is the back view view of the Clinic under construction
Kasaka clinic rear view
Side View 6th July 2011
Clinic 3
The finished clinic will have a waiting area, examination room, treatment room and somewhere for the nurse to live.
13th July - The roof is now in place
Clinic with roof
Putting the roof on!
Installing the roof
The back view 5 days later!
Lots of these big tree stumps had to be removed by hand for the clinic to be built.

May 2011

Kasaka Primary School

The builders are back at the school, they are building a new Canteen (shop) next to the kitchen / store to sell small snacks for the children's break times and lunches. It will also supply essentials for the teachers and village like sugar, soap, salt, cooking oil and mobile phone airtime top-ups.

Also a new toilet block for the staff and visitors is being constructed to replace the very small ones that we put at the school in 2006.

Thanks to all who have helped with these projects.

Thne canteen July 2011 - Almost ready
Staff Toilets - ready

April 2011

Hallelujah House.

For some time we have been renting a property for our teenage boys but now we have been give a gift towards the purchase of a permanant home for them. After much looking around we believe that we have found a good place and so we have negotiated to purchase it. It is about 25 mins walk from Hosanna House (girls home) and from Alan & Beryl's home where everyone gathers each evening for their meal.

The cost of  the property is approx £9,000 and we have about £8200 allocated to this project, could you help?

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