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LIA News May 2011

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Love in Action News May 2011

So much has been happening within Love in Action this year so we thought that we would write a brief newsletter to keep everyone up to date and inform you of some exciting changes that are taking place.
First we would like to say a big thank you to everyone who has supported Love in Action over the last year, it was an amazing adventure and we are really lost for words as look back and see what God is doing here in Uganda.
Beryl & I would like to say a big thank you to everyone who made us so welcome while we were back in the UK in February and March this year. Thank you for all your hospitality and support.

Since we first came to Uganda and set up Love in Action all the accounts have been looked after by one of our trustees, Susann, working from the Kingsland Church Offices with the blessing of the Kingsland Church Trustees who pay her wages. We have now grown considerably and Andy Neill, another of our trustees, has agreed to take on responsibility for the finances in conjunction with his business Chann Neill Solicitors. This means that from 1 May donations postal donations, cheques etc. can be posted to:
Love in Action (International)107 Charterhouse Street,London.EC1M 6AW,Tel: +44(0)20 7253 7781 email:

Susann will continue to help Love in Action and cash donations can still be given to her at Kingsland Church, Lexden, Colchester (above Aldi Supermarket in London Road). Susann will also be helping distribute information to sponsors of children. We really do owe her a great debt of gratitude for all her hard work over the past 7 years. Also again we would like to thank the Kingsland Trustees for their generous support, our links with Kingsland Church, our home church, remain very strong.

Kasaka Primary School
For those who have not heard, we have been able to drill a borehole 100m deep to provide good water for the school, pictures are on the web site. We have plans to put a water tank and solar pump on the site during this coming year. See for pictures of the well drilling.
This week the builders moved in again, this time to build new toilets for the teachers and a small shop to sell snacks and other essential items for the school and village.
The children continue to study hard, we currently have 10 teachers and just under 300 pupils at the school. Our first group of school leavers sat for their exams in November and they all passed really well, 2 of them achieved 1 grade passes. We have been told that it is about 20 years since any child got a Grade 1 pass in the sub-county!

Kasaka Secondary School
Last year we were able to buy around 15 acres of land next to the Primary School ready for our planned Secondary School. Please ask for details if you would like to help with this major project.

The number of sponsored children has continued to rise and we are very grateful to all our sponsors for their support. Approx. 200 children / young people are sponsored. Please ask your friends if they would like to sponsor a child for £12 per month.

Hosanna Teenagers Project
We have renamed our Teenagers project to recognise the fact that we have girls and boys in the our care and support. Hosanna House is our home for girls and to this we have added Hallelujah House for the boys. In August we had a group of young people join us from ‘He Will Provide Ministries’ when Robin & Jim Fruehan moved back to the USA. We continue to work with them as they support their young people.
In August we employed a Residential Social Worker (Sylivia) to help Beryl in looking after these young people
In October / November 2010 we again hosted the candidate class from Kyetume Parents Senior Secondary School.
At the end of the year we had 7 girls (2 with their babies), 7 boys and 2 staff members within the Teenagers Project. Recently we had 5 more girls and 3 boys join the project.
Four young people sat for their A Level Exams this year which was a great achievement for them.

Within the last 2 weeks Dorothy and Goreth have joined our family, they have been welcomed by all the young people, especially by Priscilla who has taken them under her wing and really looks after them.

We are currently in the process of buying our own building for the boys to live in, please see the website for details.

Other News
If you want to see what is happening here in Uganda please look at the 2 main newspapers The Monitor and The New Vision.

Andy Neillcontinues to help by donating a percentage of his fees for Accident Claims (see for details.
Over the past year many people have helped us to expand the work here, by sponsoring children, by organising parties, by talking to churches, by collecting Sainsbury’s school vouchers, selling home-made cards and cakes, selling surplus books, by giving funds to buy a mini-bus and purchase land and buildings etc.

We want to say a big thank you to all who have helped us in any way over the last year.


Dortothy & Goreth recently joined the Hossana Youth Project

In Jan 2011 a drilling team came and installed a borehole at the Primary School in Kasaka

New Vision

The Monitor
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