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Mivule Secondary School.

Mivule Secondary School in Bukibonga Parish, Bukakata sub-county, Masaka is a mixed, day & boarding School. It is fully registered and licenced and is registered as an examination centre for national O Level exams.

Love in Action would like to purchase this school as part of our commitment to provide a full education from Primary Reception to 'A' Levels in Bukakata sub-county. It is the only secondary school in the area.

The addition of this school as part of our commitment to education in Bukakata sub-county will make a big difference in the community.

Bukakata Map

This school was set up by a local politician who lost his position in the recent elections.
On 14th March this year the following article appeared in the national press;

"Police in Masaka have closed Mivule Secondary school in Masaka district after rumors that the residents want to destroy it.
The threats to destroy the school come when the supporters of the school proprietor who contested on the sub county chairman LC3 and the chairman elect continued to exchange fierce words.
The police says his supporters recently went violent and hurt the supporter of his opponent who beat him in the LC3 elections"

(names  removed)

Although the school did re-open the owner has put the school up for sale as he cannot continue to run it.

This would be a good opportunity for Love in Action to take over the school for the benefit of the community as it is the only secondary school in the area. We have had plans for some time to establish a Secondary School in the northern parish on land we purchased next door to our Primary School at Kasaka. Mivule Secondary would cater for the southern parish. When Kasaka Secondary is built then we would plan to change Mivule into a day school and concentrate the boarding section in Kasaka.

The cost to buy the school is £38,000 then we need to add a kitchen, toilets, and finish construction of the main hall. Together with essential safety improvements, lightning conductors and extra doors for the dormitories these improvements will cost about another £12,000.

Please consider helping us. We need to complete this deal by 31st August if possible to start running the school from 3rd term this year.

Senior 2 Class in Progress
The school has 6 classes from Senior 1 to Senior 6, currently aprox. 300 pupils.
This is S2 comprising 86 pupils. This class size is not unusual in Ugandana secondary schools.
The Main Hall
This is the unfinished main hall, this will double as 2 classrooms in the same way as our main hall at the primary school.

The school toilets are in poor condition and will need renovating and some news ones built.
The school already has a borehole to provide fresh water.
Classrooms and Dormitories.
The buildings were erected from 2009 onwards. The dormitories (boys is the last room in this block) need to have a second door installed and new desks are needed in the the classrooms.

How can you help?

There are a number of ways in which you can help bring this project to fulfillment.

  • Please pray for the school and wisdom as we continue to negotiate and plan for the future of this school.

  • We would like to recruit a 'schools manager' to help us by running the schools, ideally this will be someone who has experience in running excellent schools, who will come with their own funing for 6 months to train a local staff member.

  • Donations - we need to raise £38,000 in a short time and would appreciate any gifts towards this.

Ways to give:-

By Cash or cheque

to our London Office, 107 Charterhouse Street, London, EC1M 6AW
or Kingsland Church, 86 London Road, Colchester. (Above Aldi Supermartet)

By Credit Card through MyDonate. (Prefered Option)

By PayPal.

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